Trading Accounts Guide

Otet Markets provides over 500 trading symbols on two trading platforms, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader, covering diverse financial markets such as Forex, metals, indices, energy, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Please note that the TradingView website displays prices from various brokers, and each broker has different price feeds.

Currently, Otet Markets only supports MetaTrader 5 and cTrader platform.

After creating an account, you will receive an email containing your account information. To log in, go to the "File" menu, then select "Open an Account" and enter your username and password. Please note that the email will contain two passwords, and you should use the first one to log in.

Yes, you can trade with one account on multiple devices.

If it's your first time logging into your account, please close and reopen the chart. If you mistakenly logged in with the Investor password, log in again with the first password.

To enable One-Click Trading, go to the "Tools" menu, select "Options," choose the "Trade" tab, and activate the "One-Click Trading" option in the displayed window.

Right-click on a position, select "Bulk Operations," and click on "Close All Positions."

If facing login issues with cTrader, click on "Forgot password," and a file for password change will be sent to you.

Right-click on the MetaTrader 5 chart, enable "One-Click Trading."

You can check the exact spread by opening a demo account.

You can create up to 4 trading accounts of each type.

MetaTrader automatically synchronizes with your country's time. For cTrader, select your country's time under "CURRENT TIME" at the bottom right of the page.

To get details about a symbol (Swap, Commission, Minimum Required Volume, Market Opening and Closing Hours, etc.) in MetaTrader 5, right-click on the symbol, select "Specification." In cTrader, right-click on the symbol, choose "Symbol Window" to see all the details.

Please contact the technical department by sending a ticket.
Follow the steps below to make a ticket:
15-1- After logging in to your account in Otet, select the Helpdesk option from the left menu and then click on the Create Ticket option.
15-2- From the drop-down menu of the first row (Type of request OTM), select the financial section and tick your request along with the hash code for the financial unit.

Currently, only the "ECN" and Ctrader account incurs a commission. Please note that In commission-free trading accounts (Premium, Classic), all symbols are traded without commission except for cryptocurrency and stock trades, which incur a commission.

You can view information about all accounts through the following link:

The "ECN" account has the lowest spread.

The abbreviation "og" at the end of symbols on the cTrader platform indicates "Otet Group," where "og." signifies the "Standard" account, and "p.og." represents the "Pro" account.

After opening an account, you will receive an email containing your account information. You can then enter your username and password through the 'File' option in the 'Open an Account' section. Please note that the email contains two passwords, and you should log in with the first password.

If you see this error, please double-check your login password. Copy the password and paste it in the designated field to register it.

You can view the swap of your trades in the 'History' section. If it's not active, right-click on your trade history, select 'Columns,' and enable 'Swap.'

If you have completed the identity verification with one email, you cannot open a new account with a different email.

Classic and ECN accounts for Metatrader 5 platform and CTrader account

You can create a demo account through the trade account option in the dashboard

In this file, you can see how to open a Metatrader 5 account.

You can do digital currency transactions in all accounts.

Note that the process of changing the password is different on the CTrader platform. Please read the attached educational file.

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