Login and Register Guide

1-1- If you've been using a Yahoo email, please give it another shot with a Gmail address.
1-2- Double-check that your username is entered correctly in English.
1-3- Give a different device a go, whether it's a mobile or a computer.
1-4- Verify the status of your proxy, toggling it both on and off if needed.
1-5-Try signing up with a different internet connection.
1-6- Experiment with alternative browsers such as Chrome or Brave. 
1-7- Ensure you're not attempting to register with the same email twice.

Accessing the link from the dashboard isn't feasible. You'll have to submit a ticket to request a modification to your referral link.

You have the option to reset your password using the "Forgot password" feature.

Kindly log in using the email and password you selected during registration.

Right after signing up, you can deposit funds. Yet, remember, identity verification is required for withdrawals, which could take up to 45 hours.

6-1- Double-check that your username is accurately entered in English.
6-2- Experiment with using a different device, whether it's a mobile phone or a computer.
6-3- Verify the proxy settings by toggling between both off and on settings.
6-4- Try logging in with an alternative internet connection.
6-5- Utilize different browsers such as "Chrome" or "brave.com."

Yes, you can register and verify your identity with Russian documents by choosing Russia as the country.

Yes, you can request this change through submitting a ticket.

Please note, you can register only once with an email.

During the registration process, a confirmation email will be sent. Once received, you can utilize the registration details to log into your account.

To sign up for Otet, simply click on the "Create Account" button located on the main page of the website. Once clicked, you'll be directed to a new page where you can proceed to fill out your identity information to complete the registration process. For detailed instructions, please refer to the PDF provided below.

Registration with Otet Markets does not require the use of a VPN.

Identity verification is not necessary for the initial registration process with Otet Markets. However, a confirmed identity is essential for withdrawing funds.

No, currently, the registration with Otet Markets is only supported in English.

Once your identity verification is confirmed, you won't be able to create another account, even if you use a different email address.

Due to the internal laws of the United States of America, Canada and Turkey, Otet Brokerage does not provide services to these countries. But you can authenticate by presenting identity documents from other countries.

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